Ralph O. Helgeby Chapter 77

Flushing, MI

Dalton Airport Association - DDA

The DAA is a non-profit corporation who's purpose shall be to further the cause of general aviation by enhancing and maintaining Dalton Airport as a community resource for aviation education and recreation.  For full detail on the governing rules see the By Laws.

The Lot Lease Agreement defines the terms of the property lease.  All property leased from the DAA is to be used solely for aircraft storage.

Should you become a DAA member, with an associated property lease, you must abide by the Dalton Airport Builder Guidelines when planning and constructing a hangar.




President       John Sharpe           (810) 629-1764  or  john@sharpestuff.com

V.P.                Steve Mason          (972) 880-9295  or  stephen.mason@mac.com

Secretary       Mike Mazar             (810) 516-1233  or  mrtoyman1@aol,com 

Treasurer       Mike Baker             (810) 733-3501  or  mabaker2@att.net   

Trustee           Bill Campeau         (810) 736-7231  or  bmjm64@att.net

Trustee           Mike Goulet           (810) 845-6267  or  mivigoul@aol.com

Trustee           Dan Willoughby     (810) 513-3917  or  homeport6@aol.com 

Fuel Farm       Gary Hopcraft        (810) 348-5968  or  ghopcraft@comcast.net 

Contact Us

President: Jake Carmer

 Location: Flushing MI 48433

 Email: eaa77president@gmail.com

Web Master: webmanat77@yahoo.com

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